Cherokee Veterans Community — Serving Veterans within Cherokee County


Cherokee Veteran Community (CVC) is the military ministry at First Baptist Church Woodstock and actively has been serving our veterans in and around Cherokee County for the last two years. CVC serves our veterans, active-duty military and military family members with several missions. Most of their missions are active now, while others are in the final stages of planning prior to their launch.

David Snyder, a Marine veteran, is the director of CVC and wants everyone to know, and says strongly that, “Everyone, Military, and Non-Military people are welcome to serve within the ministry. The only requirement for serving with Cherokee Veterans Community is to have the heart to serve those who served us with honor.”

The Missions of Cherokee Veterans Community

CVC has two support groups that meet at First Baptist Church Woodstock at 11905 Highway 92 in Woodstock on Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Their female group meets on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursdays and their male veteran group meets every Thursday evening. For more information, email them at or call (678) 494-2680.

Male Veterans Group–In this group, veterans support each other through life’s struggles and conflicts that came from either civilian or military life. This groups uses topic-driven questions for discussions. Some topics are light in nature while others can go deeper and can touch the areas in our lives where pain lives. These meetings are for veterans only, because only a veteran personally can identify with and understand these issues because they have been there themselves and are living through them.

CVC Women establishes a supportive community that provides outreach to female veterans, spouses of veterans, moms of deployed military members and active-duty females. Together they share the daily stresses, concerns, and fears of being connected to the military while offering support, understanding, compassion, and fellowship.

“Coffee With Veterans”–A hot cup of coffee with good conversation is always a good thing. But a hot cup of coffee with good conversation with fellow veterans is even better. Every few months, CVC veterans visit an assisted living center and have a cup of coffee with our veterans (we bring the donuts) as we spend time listening to their stories and telling ours. What a great way to let them know they aren’t forgotten and that we honor their military service and their sacrifices.

“Battle Buddies At Home”–This mission reaches out to our homebound veterans to first offer them a social outlet they may be missing. While visiting them, we look for any needed minor repairs, that when completed, can help their quality of life at home and make life easier and safer for them. We will also provide nutritional assistance when needed. Everything we do for our veterans we do for FREE as part of our ministry. If you know a veteran who could benefit from this mission, please contact us.

“We Care Boxes”–These boxes are packed and sent to our deployed military members who are serving in an active, in harm’s way locations around the world. They are packed with personal hygiene and comfort items (consumables) and they are filled with letters and cards from the community, thanking them for their service and sacrifices while they are away from home and their families. Forty or more We Care Boxes are packed and shipped every other month. Everyone is invited to join a “Packing/Sorting” mission.

Children of Fallen Heroes Scholarship (COFHS)–These partial scholarships are for the U.S. Military children or siblings of our fallen military members living in Cherokee County who are entering or presently attending college. These scholarships are designed to honor and keep the legacy alive of their fallen military family member. Our COFHS mission will be operational in 2020. There will be a qualification process and a limited number will be offered each year. For more information, please contact the CVC.

Each year, the CVC has three special events: “Sacrifices Made” Memorial Day Dinner Tribute, “Supporting Our Military Heroes” fundraiser (motorcycle ride and more) and “Honoring Those That Served” Veterans Day Appreciation Breakfast. Supporters and volunteers always are needed to make these successful.

SEPT2019_CVC-1.jpgPlease contact the CVC at or call them at (678) 494-2680 for more information.

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