Logan Scott Embraces Brigade Commander Role

FROG Week at UNG, Fall 2019

by Clark Leonard, Communications Specialist, University of North Georgia

Cadet Col. Logan Scott is the Boar’s Head Brigade commander for the University of North Georgia’s Corps of Cadets for the 2019-20 school year, only the second woman ever to be named to the role. Scott, a junior from Pembroke, Georgia, is hoping to inspire other young women in the Corps to try different specialty units.

“I really try to encourage those female cadets to go out and try those things,” Scott said. “Their name gets out there, and it shows how strong their will is to get out there and try it.”

Scott is on an UNG Military Scholarship as a member of the Georgia Army National Guard. The state offers 42 of these scholarships each year to Georgia high school seniors to attend UNG, graduate with a bachelor’s degree and commission as officers in the Georgia Army National Guard. The scholarship pays for room, meals, tuition, books, uniforms, and fees. They must be enlisted in the National Guard while in the Corps of Cadets.

One of Scott’s first tasks as brigade commander was helping lead new cadets through Freshman Recruit Orientation Group (FROG) Week from August 11-17. Twenty-one of those new cadets were Georgia Army National Guard Soldiers.

Scott said the Crown Mountain Run at the end of FROG Week is always a highlight, as leaders have emerged and the freshmen have learned how to embrace life in the Corps.

“It’s a big accomplishment for the FROGs,” she said. “It’s just a sense of relief and accomplishment and happiness all at once.”

Scott’s leadership role in the Corps harkens back to a statement she made to her father upon receiving her acceptance into the Corps as a high school senior. A brochure from Cadet Admissions had a picture with the brigade commander leading cadets in an exercise.

“That’s going to be me,” she told her father.

Three years later, she has made good on that prediction.

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