Georgia Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame Spotlight – Richard Bernard Dix


2018 Georgia Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame Inductee (Achievement)

United States Army Brigadier General (Retired) Richard Bernard Dix from Brookhaven was inducted into the Georgia Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame Class of 2018 for his 30+ years of dedicated active-duty service, leading strategic logistic units ranging in size from 200 to more than 73,000 soldiers and civilians, in both peace and war. Of these three decades of service to our nation and to those he led, over one third of those years were overseas, with many in combat zones.

Early in his career, Dix served in Germany and with the peace-keeping mission in Croatia. Later, his notable and exemplary leadership skill and logistical expertise was constantly on demand and urgently needed as he was continually placed in critical command positions in the conflicts of Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq, as well as in the adjacent supporting countries of Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

While in Afghanistan, in addition to commanding more than 40,000 personnel spread over 100 base camps and located in four countries, Dix created a unique Afghan apprenticeship program which developed skilled workers and trained locals in jobs that greatly added to the country’s economic growth in addition to enhancing the relationship between our two countries. Toward the end of his career, Dix greatly contributed to the desperate humanitarian relief effort and urgent fight against the spread of the deadly disease, Ebola, in West Africa.

Because of his tireless dedication to duty and to those he exemplary led, all military branches of the United States and our Allies enjoyed an unmatched level of support necessary for success on unforgiving battlefields and, afterwards, in nation-building and peace-keeping missions. In retirement, he is a role model for our youth as he continually speaks and mentors hundreds of high school JROTC students throughout the United States. General Richard Dix is the epitome of a selfless, servant-leader and one that has never stopped serving mankind and his country.

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