The Gift of Freedom


by Kim Scofi, United Military Care

As we approach the holiday season, many are thinking of family get-togethers, meals with loved ones, and what will we get Uncle Bill? This year, I urge each of you to remember and celebrate an often forgotten gift–the veteran. November is the month we celebrate our veterans, but considering we enjoy our freedom every day, doesn’t it make sense to give them a gift of your time this holiday?

United Military Care is an organization located in Marietta, Georgia which reaches out to veterans all over the state of Georgia to make sure they have food, are warm in both body and spirit, and know they have not been forgotten. Our volunteers become the veteran’s Battle Buddy for life!

Far too many veterans will spend this season of joy, wondering what happened to their family and friends and the memories of getting together. Each of you can make a difference in the life of a veteran today!

There are several opportunities each quarter to volunteer in a variety of ways.

  • Be A Battle Buddy–Visit Veterans
  • Assemble Food Boxes & Bags
  • Office Clerical & Telephone Calls
  • Be an Ambassador–Spread the word!
  • Volunteer at an Event
  • Donate Your Professional Talent
  • Host a Fundraising Event

Commit to one or two of these; I guarantee your holiday season and the new year afterwards will be filled with a deeper appreciation for our country, our freedom, and our veterans.

  • Remember all veterans in prayer; ask your place of worship to include veterans and those currently serving at each service.
  • Do you know a Veteran who would enjoy a cheery phone call and handwritten letters every month? Sign them up for a Battle Buddy at There is no cost to you or the veteran. We simply want them to know they are not forgotten!
  • Look for ways you can volunteer in your community. United Military Care welcomes volunteers from all over the state. You also can check for volunteer needs in your community through local American Legion Posts and community centers.

If we can be of assistance, please call us at (770) 973-0014 or find us at

The gift of freedom is priceless. The least we can do is say thank you.

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