Retired Battalion Members Honored


The Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services Fourth Battalion held a Christmas celebration and lunch the last week of December and they invited some of their retired battalion members for the purpose of presenting them retirement shields to hang on the Wall of Honor. Not all members who have shields were able to make the event, but those members who didn’t attend will be presented with them at a later date.

The former Cobb Fire members who were present are: Lt. Frank Woodall, FF Roger Davenport, Batt Chief Chuck Carter, FF David Shelton, Engineer Mike Lanier, Engineer Benny Hines, Lt. Tate Young, Lt. Bill Dean, FF David Chastain, Lt. Doug Watkins, FF Corley Stanfield, and Lt. Tim McWilliams.

It was an honor to see all the folks who made lasting legacies with Cobb Fire. Truly, the Shoulders Upon Which We Stand.


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