Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Salutes Our Doctors and Nurses


by Tim Cavender, Public Information Officer – Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services

Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services participated in a parade yesterday afternoon saluting the doctors and nurses at Northside Cherokee Hospital in Canton.

The fire department was contacted on Friday about participating in the event at the hospital.  Numerous public safety agencies throughout the county took part in the event including Cherokee County and Woodstock Fire Departments, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, the Cherokee County Marshal’s Office, Canton and Holly Springs Police Departments and others.

The agencies met at Dick’s Sporting Goods in the Canton Marketplace Shopping Center for lineup and at approximately 7PM, all the public safety vehicles pulled out with their emergency lights on and headed to the hospital.  The long field of vehicles circled around the parking lot of the hospital a couple of times to show their support and appreciation to all the people in the medical profession who are working tirelessly during this difficult time.

Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services gives a heartfelt thanks to all of our healthcare workers and know that your passion for the health of Cherokee County’s patients is appreciated each and every day.

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