Cherokee County Firefighters Participate in Still Water Class


by Tim Cavender, Public Information Officer

Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services

During the past three weeks, firefighters with Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services have participated in a Still Water Class at the Cherokee County Aquatic Center and Victoria Day Use Area.

The 16-hour course provides the skills needed to enhance rescue operation on the waterways in Cherokee County.  According to Fire Training Officer, Robbie Kennedy, “With an increase in call volume on our waterways, this training is an essential part of our personnel’s safety as well as our citizens.”


The skills taught in this class are meant to provide a minimum skill set to enable our personnel to perform during these types of water emergencies. Properly donning personal flotation devices, deploying rope bags, towing victims in from the water and patient packaging while in the water are all topics that are taught and demonstrated in this class.

Kim Whatley and her staff at the Aquatic Center are always accommodating and extremely professional, added Kennedy.


The class is typically taught in the spring, but, due to the recent outbreak of the pandemic, it had to be postponed.

Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services is very fortunate that some of their own firefighters have the skills and the knowledge to teach the course.  Lead instructors were Frankie Martinez, Jeff Adamek, John Bennett, James Lussier and Robbie Kennedy.

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