Georgia Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame – Jack Cox Wheeler (Service)

Jack Cox Wheeler, Georgia Military Veterans' Hall of Fame Inductee (Service)

United States Army Major General (Retired) Jack Cox Wheeler, from Fayetteville, was inducted into the Georgia Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame Class of 2019 for his 32-years of active duty, and 26-years retired service to others.

Graduating in 1961 from North Georgia College, he received his commission shortly thereafter. His  early Army years encompassed assignments in Korea, Vietnam, Germany, and the Pentagon. In 1971, his career took a significant turn, one that would guide the next two decades of his military service, when he was selected as one of the primary action officers to develop plans and policies to form the All-Volunteer Army.

Moving from a draft to a volunteer force was a major shift in training, assigning, moving, and promoting a force of 700,000, a task for which he was a key player. As Commanding General of the United States Army Recruiting Command from 1989 to 1993, and without the benefit of the draft, he nonetheless met the challenge of the All-Volunteer Army when tasked to recruit and fill a combat force during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Regardless of the constant recruiting quota challenge, he steadfastly focused on and succeeded in the implementation of ever increasing standards in order to ensure the high quality of America’s Army.

In retirement, he continued to serve in vital roles as an educational, leadership, and military consultant to state and national agencies. Our nation has been well served by a lifetime of dedication and the selfless service of Major General Jack C. Wheeler.

Attention all Georgia Military Veterans:  Nominations are being accepted for the Georgia Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame (GMVHOF).  GMVHOF is a non-profit organization with mission of honoring Georgia veterans and is currently accepting nominations.  If you know any veterans, please consider nominating them for this rare and noble hall of fame. Eligibility:  Living or deceased veterans who served in one of the five branches of the military and was either born in Georgia, or entered the military in Georgia, or have lived in Georgia for at least 10 years. A veteran may be nominated in one of three categories: VALOR – heroic action(s) in combat; ACHIEVEMENT – significant contribution to the military while or service; or SERVICE – significant contribution to mankind.  For more information on the GMVHOF, visit

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